Care, Maintenance, and Expectations


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 Concrete is a beautiful and durable product. At Hogan  Concrete LLC. we go to great lengths to ensure that your concrete is  installed to the highest standards. The below care, maintenance, and  expectations will help to keep your surface in the best shape possible  for it's entire life.  

  • Regular sweeping, dusting, and washing will keep  your concrete, retaining block, overlaid surface, and masonry looking  bright and new for many years to come.
  • To keep exterior stained concrete surfaces protected  apply a new coat of sealer every year or two, or as necessary. When you  begin to notice that water no longer beads up on the surface it's time  to reseal. hogan Concrete LLC. will be happy to reseal your concrete for  the cost of time and material. We are also happy to recommend sealers  if you wish to do it yourself.
  • For general cleaning, first try water and a scrub  brush with a soft, non-metallic brush to see if this removes the surface  dirt; a mild soap and water solution may also be used. Organic stains  resulting from ground in leaves, dirt, or rust will fade over time. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER or chemicals not specifically designed for cleaning concrete.
  • Salt, ice melt, other artificial chemicals and even  pet urine may damage the concrete surface. Please be sure to wash the  surface immediately after contact with any of these items. Never apply  deicers containing ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate.
  • Concrete is a porous surface, it is recommended to  elevate potted plants from the concrete surface to allow air circulation  and prevent staining; you may also consider placing an outdoor mat  under a grill to prevent possible grease and food stains. 
  • As the concrete cures, "dries" it shrinks, ALL  concrete WILL crack due to this fact. We take great care to place cuts  in strategic locations to control and conceal cracking as the concrete  cures. Occasionally a crack will leave the control cut, however, they  should never expand or result in vertical movement between panels due to  the rebar reinforcement within the concrete.
  • Occasional "pop-outs" or chips may occur. Pop-outs  may appear as a small blemish in the concrete surface and are relatively  rare. These do not affect the structural integrity or stability of the  product. Pop-outs are most often a result of road salt dripping onto the  concrete surface from your vehicle. Keeping your concrete sealed is the  best defense against pop-outs.
  • Anything that limits the amount of water on or  around the concrete will lengthen its service life. This is where  sealers come to your concrete's rescue. Eaves and downspouts are  effective in channeling the water away from concrete surfaces.

Your concrete will be sealed upon job completion and will  require future applications. For a period of three years from the date  of completion we will be happy to address any product defects in excess  of normal wear and tear by DOT sate guidelines.

To schedule a reseal of your concrete please contact our office for quote.